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Dictionary of British and American Childcare Terms | The Nanny Godmother

British-American Childcare Dictionary

It’s often been joked that Britain and America are two nations divided by a common language.  On the other hand, the challenges and rewards of bringing up happy, healthy children are universal!  For the benefit of my American readers, and expat families on either side of the pond, here’s a handy UK-to-USA “bilingual” glossary of words useful for childcarers:

antenatal prenatal
chemist('s)pharmacy, drugstore
childminderperson who provides professional childcare in the childminder's own home
cotton budscotton swabs, Q-tips
cotton woolabsorbent cotton, cotton balls
crècheday care center
dummy or sootherpacifier
GP (general practitioner)family doctor
health visitorregistered community nurse or midwife who visits people in their homes, especially new parents and children under 5, to promote health and give advice
intercombaby monitor
jabshot (injection)
jellyjello (gelatin dessert)
Moses basket(portable) bassinet
pants or knickersunderpants
prambaby carriage
rotaroster or schedule
teatnipple (for a baby bottle)
(shopping) trolley(shopping) cart
vestonesie (for babies) or undershirt