Boisterous Boys

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Reader Marilyn is looking for a helping hand in dealing with two boisterous boys:

My boys, 5 and 2, roughhouse, run and yell in the house.  Then one gets hurt or mad and it turns into a fight.  We have tried everything and nothing seems to work.  This behaviour lasts all day.  Help!


Wow, two lively boys!  You’ve definitely got your hands full.

Keep trying to get them to channel their energy in other ways.  With the 5 year old, you could organise some extracurricular activities after school, such as football (soccer) or tennis.  Martial arts courses (e.g. karate or judo) can be particularly good as they promote self-discipline, respect and concentration.  Or you could just try every day after school to take both boys to the park for an hour.  This is a good way to let them use up some of that energy and also let them blow off some steam.

Rowdiness can also be a sign of boredom, so find things for them to do in the house.  Buy them some colouring books and felt-tip pens for your 5 year old and crayons for the 2 year old, and have them colour together and work on other projects as a team.

Make your 5 year old feel like the big brother and encourage him to look after his little brother.  Tell him that he needs to set an example and mummy needs his help.  When you see him do something grown-up, give him lots and lots of praise.

I think that if you can get your older boy to calm down, your little one will follow his example.  Also, when they are drawing or playing, join in with them.  Draw with them, cook with them … it can be fun, although a bit messy!  But who cares, as long as everybody is happy?