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Crafty Kids and their ABCs

February 26, 2012 by  
Filed under Development, Readers' Enquiries

Reader Genya writes:

I was wondering why my 3.5 years old daughter doesn’t like to color and learn letters.

What and how should I do to encourage?

Hi Genya,

I really don’t think you have anything to worry about.  Some children are simply not interested in colouring; I think they find it a little boring and pointless.  There are many other creative activities that you can use to stimulate motor skills, such as play dough and painting. Cutting and gluing is also fun for the little ones (although a little messy for you!).

You could incorporate the gluing and cutting with letters.  Why don’t you draw the letters, then give your daughter a pair of kid’s scissors and help her cut them out and stick them to make a colourful collage?  Maybe find some magazines with pictures to cut out that go with each letter.  I think she might be quite proud of her handiwork.

You could also use the alphabet fridge magnets and bath toys to encourage her along with the alphabet.

All children develop at different stages in different areas, in my experience.  For example, some kids may take an early interest in arts and crafts and ABCs but struggle at first with speech and numbers.  Keep encouraging your daughter’s individual interests, and she is very likely to develop the necessary skills before you know it.

I’m sure that other Nanny Godmother readers have some terrific ideas for creative activities with crafts or ABCs that have worked for their own children.  Readers, let’s hear them!



Encouraging a Hesitant Crawler

January 27, 2011 by  
Filed under Development, Readers' Enquiries

Reader Dawn B. writes:

Hi there my son turned 11 months on the 21st and he’s still not crawling.  He doesn’t like being on his front for long periods.  I’ve tried toys books rolling toys.

He was 7wks premature has this got anything to do with his development?

Hi Dawn,

Experts say that premature babies normally develop according to their “adjusted age” (calculated from their due date) rather than their actual chronological age (calculated from their birth date), but that they can catch up later on in the todder stage.

Encourage your son to move and try to put him on his front as often as possible.  Place things slightly out of his reach so he has to move to get to them.  I have known babies not to want to crawl at all; they just go straight into walking when they are ready.  You could try him in a baby walker as this might encourage him to be more mobile; however, he should not spend all his time in one as it can sometimes encourage laziness in a baby.

If you continue to have concerns about his development and how it may be influenced by his premature birth, I’m sure your GP or health visitor will be happy to discuss them with you from a medical perspective.

Best of luck!