About the Nanny Godmother

I’m Nanny Lili, an English nanny with over 15 years’ full-time international experience caring for children, from newborns to early adolescents. While I don’t actually have a magic wand, I’ve spent my career tackling childcare challenges from the routine to the extreme (and everything in between)!

Although there’s no right or wrong answer to most questions of child rearing, sometimes a little shared knowledge and experience can go a long way. Whether you’re at wit’s end over a tough parenting problem, or are just looking for a quick tip or idea, the Nanny Godmother’s tricks of the trade might provide just the helping hand you need.

Use the contact form to ask advice about any childcare-related topic, including but not limited to:

  • behaviour and discipline
  • bedtime/sleeping issues
  • schedules and routines
  • potty training
  • play and activities
  • raising children bilingually
  • effective nanny-parent working relationships

While the large volume of enquiries I receive unfortunately prevents me from answering every one, I do read and appreciate all your messages, and try to reply to as many as I can on the blog.

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